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What do Gaming and Plumbing have in common?


Seems like a funny question. Well, turns out there’s a lot. Because the future of both lies in the world of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

AR and VR are changing the face of commercial plumbing. In particular, they’re revolutionizing the way our customers recognize the cost savings that come along with energy efficiency. Today, our plumbing partner companies are using AR and VR in a number of ways to enhance their offerings and the work that we do. Here’s how:

1) Enhanced Training.

Our companies are integrating VR to enhance training simulations. By exposing trainees to real world issues – in a real world way – we are able to grow their skills and knowledge, as well as enhance their ability to navigate potential issues. Ultimately, this reduces the potential for errors and decreases downtime for our customers.

2) Superior Design Visualization.

The use of VR and AR, allows plumbers and engineers to better visualize systems and solutions, helping to identify any potential issues or flaws prior to installation. Imagine the time and money saved when reworks are avoided.

3) Better Customer Satisfaction.

VR and AR enable us to better present potential plumbing configurations and project options to our clients in an interactive fashion. This ensures they have a better understanding of what the work requires, and how it will function for their built environments. With this clearer vision, their expectations are better set and it’s easier to finalize a contract. Augmented and virtual reality are revolutionizing the commercial plumbing industry. With this ever-improving technology that allows for more in-depth training, superior design visualization, and ultimately, increased customer satisfaction, our industry is moving toward a more techenabled future. Get in touch with our team today to see how we are using emerging technologies to drive new efficiencies in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing.

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