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Types of Security Lighting: Choosing the Best Option for Your Property

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Security lighting is critical in helping property owners have peace of mind. Whether it’s to enhance visibility when it’s dark, or to deter intruders and potential threats, security lights have many advantages that will put owners at ease. In order to maintain a safe and secure commercial or residential building, it’s important to pick the right lights for your property’s specific needs. Hear from our partners at Piper Electric about the benefits that different types of security lights bring and how to determine which choice is the best fit for your building.

  • Floodlights provide an intense illumination and cover large surrounding areas.
  • Motion-activated lights turn on when motion is detected. They will alert you and provide luminous lighting, adding safety to your surroundings. When the movements have been caught, a camera records what made the light go on. This is great for all types of buildings and homes.
  • Solar-powered lights are environmentally friendly. Using solar panels to charge during the day means you will receive powerful lighting at nighttime.
  • Smart security lights can be controlled remotely through your smartphone applications; some include additional features such as adjusting the lighting or setting lighting timers.
  • Strobe lights are rapid flashing lights in conjunction with a tripped alarm system to serve as a visual deterrent. Strobe lights are common in business buildings.
  • CCTV lighting is specifically designed to work in sync with surveillance cameras. This type of lighting is made to enhance the video quality at night.

Determining which lighting choice is the best fit for your property can be challenging. Because well-lit areas are less attractive to potential intruders, security lights make it clear to outsiders that the property is occupied and monitored. Here are some tips on choosing the best type of security lighting for your area.

  1. Assess the Vulnerable Areas – Examine the entirety of your property, all 360 degrees of it. Look for vulnerable areas, including dark corners, blind spots, pathways, or entrances. If you find these dark spaces where someone can easily hide or access your property unnoticed, security lights are a must-have for you.
  2. Crime Activity in Your Area – It is a good idea to research crime activity in your area. It will give you a good indication of the different types of security cameras and lights you will need. Higher crime areas often benefit from increased visibility and well-lit areas.
  3. Reflect on Security Standards – Security standards mean something different to everyone. It is essential to reflect on your personal and business security concerns. Some questions to ask are: do you worry about the safety of family, employees, or the property? Have there been specific security issues at the current location? Do you have valuable assets that need to be protected? Consider all these questions when choosing your type of security.

Ultimately, deciding to install security lighting will depend on your specific circumstances. No matter what, security lighting is an extra protective step to ensure situational awareness and safety while minimizing potential threats. To ensure it’s done correctly, it’s recommended to hire a licensed electrician. If you have additional questions, chat with a security professional or call Crete United to learn about how we can help you maintain a safe and secure environment. Give yourself peace of mind by installing security lighting at your property today.

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