Crete United

Maintenance & Service​

Our experts across mechanical, electrical and plumbing ensure your building keeps humming so that you can focus on your business.

Predictable costs, energy optimization & priority service

Protect your assets by catching problems early and addressing issues that could lead to failures and costly repairs. Our contracts are proven to extend equipment life, helping you avoid premature replacement and landfilling of existing systems. 

Our local mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and building automation companies offer a customizable suite of agreements — along with industry leading diagnostics and preferred pricing — that can be tailored to the unique needs of your facility.  We’ll ensure the overall operating condition of equipment under contract and look for ways to improve energy efficiency while lowering costs and improving safety. Our Maintenance and Service Programs provide customers with:

  • Facilities System Management
  • Controls Review & Exception Reporting
  • Sensor Deployment & IoT Monitoring
  • Reporting & Optimization
  • Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Plumbing & Water Management

Up to

0 %
reduction in indoor air pollutants

Up to

0 %
reduction in downtime and energy usage
0 +
years increase in equipment life cycle

Superior data collection starts with Kynetic by Crete United

We understand the need to maintain optimal equipment performance, ensure occupant comfort, monitor indoor air quality, and avoid costly repairs. Kynetic, a non-invasive IoT sensor technology system, can do just that. We’ll design a customized solution to wirelessly monitor your equipment, space conditions, occupancy details and more. 

Set up custom alerts and view historical data to identify additional savings opportunities, confirm proper operation, and capture documentation for certain incentive plan submissions. By monitoring equipment and scheduling immediate maintenance when performance anomalies are identified, Kynetic can extend the useful life of costly investments. Plus, it will help you avoid downtime and the resulting impact to productivity, lost product, or other catastrophic events. All in all, it’s a meaningful addition to any innovative building and asset ownership plan.

Sensor Selection & Placement

Based on your facility and specific needs, we can place small, inconspicuous field sensors on equipment and in key areas. Alerts and rules are then set to measure performance parameters based on our knowledge of ASHRAE and other industry standards.

Real-Time Monitoring

Get real-time alerts for events or potential disruptions that require your attention, notifications when thresholds are reached, and insights regarding your equipments’ overall performance and efficiency. Many building owners utilize this technology as a fix-before-failure approach to avoid downtime and supply chain related delays.

Continued Optimization

If the initial deployment is small and targeted as a proof of concept approach, we can review results and work with you to expand your monitoring strategy.  Additionally, historical data can be used to target future energy and operational efficiency upgrades.

Contact our energy efficiency experts for service that goes the distance

Our local companies take care of business on the ground. From routine maintenance to equipment repairs and upgrades, we’ll look for opportunities to maximize your efficiency and performance metrics wherever possible. See where we work, or contact us to see if our maintenance and service contracts could benefit your business.