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Focus on your patients — we’ll focus on the health of your facility.

Optimize the patient experience & maximize your energy savings

From sophisticated air filtration and exacting temperature controls to backup power systems and smart grid integrations, we understand the complex demands of a medical setting … and we’re here to help. Our companies are united to create a healthy, more comfortable environment for your patients and providers.

Across hospitals, medical offices and outpatient clinics, improving energy efficiency can lead to significant cost savings. By reducing your energy bills, you can allocate more resources to patient care and other critical needs. 

Work with our efficiency experts to meet a wide range of project needs, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent Care
  • Labs/Research
  • Medical Parks
  • Private Patient Care
  • Dialysis Centers

Project Spotlight

Birmingham VA Medical Center

Several of our companies successfully upgraded the Birmingham VA Medical Center, overhauling its fiber infrastructure. We installed new server cabinets, fiber housings, and adapter panels; the project also  included power feed installations for access control boxes, grounding in communication rooms, and power feeds for mini-split units.

Spohn Hospital

Our company, Pro Tech Mechanical, provides ongoing service, maintenance, replacement, retrofit, and repair for Spohn Hospital’s entire campus. From installation to 200 ton chillers to piping and ductwork, we are there.

Energy efficiency and exceptional patient care go hand-in-hand

Our self-performing, boots-on-the-ground mechanical, electrical and plumbing companies have a deep understanding of your industry specific needs … and we’ll be with you through every step of your project. Contact us to see if our healthcare solutions could suit your facility’s needs.