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In service to a second career & fresh start​

Service is core to Crete United. There’s no better way to support our service members than by honoring their duty by helping them translate their skillset to a meaningful second career or for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, honoring them through memorials in the communities we serve and they loved.

Giving veterans the tools and training to shine

At Crete United, we are dedicated to honoring and supporting veterans as they embark on new career journeys. Recognizing the sacrifices made by those who served, we extend a helping hand to facilitate their transition to civilian life. Understanding the profound truth that ‘all gave some, but some gave all,’ we go beyond traditional support by building monuments to commemorate fallen veterans. Our commitment is not just to find job opportunities for veterans, but to create a network of support that encompasses mentorship, apprenticeship, and on-the-job training programs. Together, we strive to build on the invaluable foundation of skills acquired in the field, ensuring veterans find fulfilling career growth within our network of companies.

Supporting veterans at every level of leadership

Throughout Crete United, you’ll find people with diverse military backgrounds who know the meaning of service and the power of teamwork. We’ve hired 50+ veterans with 300+ years of collective service … and we’ll continue to support and hire our heroes in every year that follows.

Service Member Spotlight

Meet Judy Call

For Judy Call, data is data, whether you’re supporting the submarine community or creating a payroll system. After a long career in the U.S. Navy like her father before her, she found civilian work at a local church. She came to Crete United in 2022 because she saw a real growth opportunity for herself and within our fast-paced acquisitions — an opportunity that’s born itself out over and over again. Today, she loves the camaraderie of her teams and the value every individual can bring to the organization. There are no bad ideas, she says — just opportunities to bring different perspectives and solutions to the table.

ProTech’s Dedication to Hiring Veterans

ProTech Mechanical, a Crete United company, is home to seven veterans from the Navy, US Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force and Army. Owner Brian Patridge is a veteran himself — he says his 9 years in the Navy were some of the best experiences of his life. Now, he’s found a way to translate his career as an aviation electrician and specialty training in Mobile Electric Power Plants and Generators into lighting projects of all shapes and sizes, bringing other vets on board to help light the way toward a fulfilling second career.

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