Crete United

Consistency, laser focus and direct accountability​

Crete United is an energy efficiency powerhouse with in-house mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and building automation capabilities. We are focused and committed to improving the built environment.

No outsourcing, no working with middlemen

Crete United is a unified network of local mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and Building Automation companies spanning the U.S. You can work with just one of our partners or we can bring multiple services together so that you can experience a fully integrated, energy efficient solution for every aspect of your building’s health. 

Our process is streamlined so you get straight to the source planning and execution that improves your community by reducing waste, carbon emissions, and energy spend at every step. From the first meeting to ongoing maintenance, we’ll collaborate to exceed your expectations.

Our 3-step approach to maximizing mechanical, electrical and plumbing efficiency


Our clients have seen the value of our powerhouse team firsthand. By leveraging connected IoT devices alongside our personal industry expertise, we can deliver invaluable insights into your building and its environment. We then use these insights to transform the way your business operates.

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reduction in maintenance costs through predictive maintenance

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elimination of equipment breakdowns

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reduction in equipment downtime​

Peace of Mind with Kynetic

Building owners seek assurance that their systems operate seamlessly, addressing concerns ranging from minor inconveniences like difficulty regulating office temperature to potential catastrophic failures causing productivity loss and expensive repairs.

Elevate your facility management with Kynetic, seamlessly integrating into existing systems or standing alone. Featuring 80+ sensor types, Kynetic ensures comprehensive monitoring of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and more. Real-time alerts for issues and deviations enable swift responses to critical events. Our wireless sensors, a key component, guarantee constant support in managing your facility, providing insights into after-hours motion, water leaks, temperature fluctuations, and equipment failures.

Explore common use cases where Kynetic proactively ensures your peace of mind:
Prevent Flooding
Water detection sensors provide timely notification of plumbing leaks, water heater failures, etc.
Predict Equipment Failure
Use vibration sensors to look for small changes in the movement of motors and other major equipment so you can proactively address and service equipment prior to failure.
Avoid Comfort Issues
Use current meters or temperature, voltage, and differential pressure sensors to determine if equipment has lost power.  Monitor IAQ with gas detection and air quality sensors.
Avoid Food / Product Spoilage
Use contact sensors to determine if freezer doors are left ajar and temperature sensors to keep products within specified temperatures.
Avoid Theft / Vandalism
Use occupancy sensors and open/closed contact sensors to determine if doors and windows were left open or breached.  This can be valuable in unoccupied rental units as well.
Prevent Energy Waste
Use temperature sensors to determine if unreasonable space temperatures are in place, or if there is no night setback in place. Use light/occupancy sensors to determine if lights are on in unoccupied rooms for long periods of time. Use current meters to uncover night and weekend equipment runtime. Use differential pressure to monitor filter changes and reduce equipment runtime.

Here to answer your questions

Whether you’re curious about our sensor technology, our companies, or our approach to maximizing efficiency, reach out today. We’d love to demonstrate our process in action.