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Data Centers​

For mission critical controls that support your tech demands while reducing your energy costs, turn to the experts at Crete United.

Power that doesn’t quit & temperature controls that deliver

We’ve built, retrofitted, monitored and/or maintained dozens of data centers across the nation – including five of the largest. From precision cooling technologies to renewable energy integration and power distribution optimization, we can help you find ways to keep your servers running at their maximum potential. You may even consider implementing a heat recovery system that can capture and reuse waste heat generated by the data center for other purposes, such as heating office spaces or water.

Through our eIQ platform, we’ll regularly monitor your power usage and data center infrastructure to help you make more informed decisions regarding temperature, energy consumption and overall efficiency.

Project Spotlight


Our company, General & Mechanical Services, designed and implemented an advanced, fully integrated, energy efficient power and cooling infrastructure within GDIT’s data center in Fairfax, VA. Despite the data center’s central location in an 8-story building, the integration was executed seamlessly with minimal downtime.


General & Mechanical Services recently undertook a project for Solers’ data center, installing an advanced in-row cooling system and associated electrical components. This included new electrical panels, an 80 KW UPS/PDU unit, and a new circuit to connect to the external condenser.

The insights and installation support you need to realize your efficiency goals

Our self-performing, boots-on-the-ground mechanical, electrical and plumbing companies have a deep understanding  of your industry specific needs … and we’ll be  with you through every step of your project. Contact us to see if our holistic engineered solutions can meet the needs of your next project.