Crete United

Renewables & Decarbonization Support​

Acting as the source of knowledge to help drive the use of renewables – from solar to wind to geothermal and microgrids – either to complement your current system or help you move to energy independence.

A sustainable future with electrification, renewables, and power resiliency

Clean energy makes for better, healthier communities. Let us help you lower your operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint and proactively address regulations. Our local companies have the necessary skills to replace outdated or inefficient fossil fuel technologies with renewable power systems — from microgrids, renewable energies, solar, wind, and beyond. See how our nationwide network of sustainability-minded service providers can help you adopt new technologies like: 

  • Water Conservation and Reclamation
  • Heat Pumps (VRF, Geothermal, Air and Ground Source)
  • Distributed Energy and Solar
  • Electrification
  • Microgrid and Power Resiliency

Up to

$ 0
increase in property value for each dollar saved on annual energy costs
0 %
decrease in electricity costs with solar
0 %
federal tax credit for businesses that installed solar systems

Your source of knowledge on your roadmap to long-term building optimization.​

Starting with energy efficiency

Crete United’s team of energy efficiency experts guides building owners through the process of evaluating their buildings’ envelope and energy-consuming equipment, building management system programming, utility rate tariff structure, and other parameters needed to maximize energy efficiency.

Moving to electrification

Net Zero Carbon emissions build upon Energy Efficiency through the introduction of Electrification, or the use of electricity in place of fossil fuels. We have industry-leading expertise in testing and upgrading electrical system infrastructure (transformers, power factor, power quality, etc.) to ensure buildings are prepared for their electrification journey. We have extensive experience with large-scale HVAC heat recovery and variable refrigerant flow systems, heat pumps, domestic water heating and plumbing, and other advanced technology.

Renewables, energy storage and beyond

Crete United not only works with utility providers to improve their electricity generation and transmission infrastructure and grid resilience, but we also support building owners on their path with renewables, energy storage, power resilience, and demand response. Most building owners begin their journey by installing on-site solar PV, EV charging stations, and power generators. As more advanced planning occurs, the use of energy storage and sophisticated controls may be needed to ensure peak loads can be met.

Work with us to power a more energy efficient future

Our local companies know the ins and outs of your region’s alternate energy possibilities, regulations and standards. From initial assessment to installation and maintenance, we’ll work with you to find opportunities for energy savings and implement renewables where it makes sense. See where we operate, or contact us to see if our renewable energy expertise could benefit your business.