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Smart Buildings

Take energy efficiency to the next level with customized building automation systems designed to automate and integrate all your building systems.

Smart Buildings

Take energy efficiency to the next level with customized building automation systems designed to automate and integrate all your building’s systems.

United for smarter and more efficient buildings

Building automation is a powerful tool to enhance your facility’s efficiency. Our eIQ system gives you the control and insights you need in a single interface. We understand your need for energy efficiency and have the expertise to monitor your system remotely, 24/7, and work toward the prevention of issues instead of reacting to emergencies.

See our how our network of companies can help you with your building automation needs:

  • Building Controls and Automation Implementation
  • eIQ Sensor Installation
  • Energy Auditing, Monitoring & Services
  • Building Pressure Studies
  • Systems Integration
  • Engineering
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Data Analysis & Diagnostic Testing
  • Software Programming
  • Retro Commissioning
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Superior data collection starts with eIQ

We understand the need to maintain optimal equipment performance, ensure occupant comfort, monitor indoor air quality, and avoid costly repairs. eIQ, a non-invasive IoT sensor technology system, can do just that.

  1. Manage and optimize from anywhere

    Wirelessly monitor your equipment, space conditions, occupancy details and more.

  2. Save on your bottom line
    With your portfolio in full view, we’ll identify areas to save energy and money. And capture documentation for certain incentive plan submissions.
  3. Extend the life of your equipment
    By monitoring equipment and scheduling immediate maintenance when performance anomalies are identified, we enable a fix-before-failure approach.
  4. Avoid downtime
    Get alerts so you can identify issues before they happen.
Sensor Selection & Placement

We will place inconspicuous wireless sensors on equipment and in key areas as designated through a custom plan and then set up alerts and rules to measure desired performance and safety parameters within our eIQ platform.

Real-Time Monitoring

You’ll get real-time alerts for events or potential disruptions that require your attention, notifications when thresholds are reached, and insights regarding your equipments’ overall performance and efficiency. Or those alerts can go straight to us and we can get to work.

Continued Optimization

We will share ongoing reporting and analysis that can target future energy and operational efficiency upgrades.

Work with our collaborative team for more streamlined service

Our companies take care of business at the local level. From initial assessment to installation and maintenance, our local teams will be there with you to ensure projects get done on time and on budget. See where we work, or contact us to see if our building automation services could be a fit for your business.