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Our energy-efficient practices are a key aspect of modern and responsible manufacturing.

Greater efficiency can boost tenant retention & employee productivity

Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities require a deft hand. Thankfully, our experts have deep expertise in what works (and what won’t) in all manner of large-scale industrial settings.

Not only do our integrated teams work together to maximize the performance of your equipment and conserve resources, but they also can help you meet the regulations and emissions standards set by your region and related industry watchdogs. To us, ensuring your adherence to these regulations is more than a legal requirement — it’s a way to demonstrate to your community a real commitment to responsible, sustainable business practices.

Work with our efficiency experts to meet a wide range of project needs, including:

  • MFG Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Distribution Centers
  • R&D Facilities

Project Spotlight

Multinational Food Company

Hillard Electric provides daily on-site electrical technician support and 3-4 days a week presence of controls engineers, guaranteeing peak facility performance for this plant. Our comprehensive services cover automation, integration, line installation, upgrades, electrical services, and ongoing output/waste management.

Meat Processing Facility
Hillard Electric spearheaded both the engineering and installation of two 1-Meg generators, seamlessly synchronized to furnish uninterrupted power to this cutting-edge meat processing facility in the event of a utility power failure. Hillard also  integrated a state-of-the-art 3000 KVA transformer.

Improve the energy efficiency of your industrial facility

Our self-performing, boots-on-the-ground mechanical, electrical and plumbing companies have a deep understanding of your industry-specific needs … and we’ll be with you through every step of your project. Contact us to see if our holistic engineered solutions can meet the needs of your next industrial project.