Crete United

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Together, we unite with your deep understanding of the local market. Our partnership is built on combining resources, skills, and expertise, empowering you to retain the freedom to drive and operate your business seamlessly. It’s a collaborative journey, where unity amplifies our strengths, creating a powerful force that propels us forward together.

Secure Your Legacy

Retain your established brand, reputation, customer relationships, and culture.

Business Growth

Allow the value of your retained ownership to increase as we partner together to grow the value of your business OR allow a senior employee to buy into the business as you transition out.

Financial Gain

Realize immediate financial gain from your years of building your business by selling us a majority (or 100%) stake.

Exit Strategy

Have a built-in exit strategy for the remainder of your ownership when you are ready to fully retire.

Business Support

Leverage general business support including back-end finance and accounting functions, marketing programs, capital investments, and group purchasing.

Retain Your Brand

Retain both your brand name and your ability to make flexible decisions in order to best serve your customers.

Recruit High-Quality Workforce

Benefit from our support recruiting qualified technicians, workforce development and technical training programs.

Business Owner Networking

Be part of a collaborative group of like-minded business owners who share best practices, leverage resources, and combine purchasing power.

Increase Employee Retention

Develop your next generation of technicians through apprenticeship programs, and increase employee retention with enhanced worker benefits.

Shared resources

We allow owners and management to focus on delivering best-in-class service, unburdened by the administrative demands of running a business. To do so, we work with current staff to create a strong management infrastructure that removes the burden of back-office management from the current management team. Our network allows our companies to realize economies of scale in purchasing power and to share knowledge and resources within the group for the benefit of each business. Through this collaboration, we achieve unmatched outcomes for each respective business.

Shared resources include:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • General Operational Support
  • Best Practice Sharing

A commitment to excellence

In most of our companies, we seek a majority ownership interest with at least one other senior employee retaining a minority interest. This allows for a true partnership model based on an alignment of expertise and goals.

The minority partner is often the current owner who retains some ownership with a built-in exit strategy that allows them to monetize over time. We also create opportunities for other key employees to build an ownership interest in the business over time.

Here to answer your questions

Whether you’re interested in becoming a part of the Crete United team, joining our network of companies, or want to discuss our business model in further detail, don’t hesitate to reach out.