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Improve communities by making the places we live, work, and play healthier​

We’ve launched our 2024 Sustainability Report​

Sustainability is at the core of Crete United’s mission and our day-to-day operations. We are committed to making an impact and reaching our bold goals. Take a look and see how we’re building healthier communities.

United for Impact

At Crete United, we turn aspiration into action. We believe that by integrating ourselves within our communities, we can help create healthier places and healthier lives. To us, sustainability is much more than just going carbon neutral. It’s a way of life and work. It’s a commitment – and it’s what we work toward every single day here at Crete United.

Strive for net zero carbon in 2024.
Reach net zero waste by 2035.
Reduce our environmental impact from energy and water use by 10% by 2026.
Achieve 20% avoided emissions by 2025.
A more sustainable, more community-minded future? We have a plan for that. This is our roadmap to create maximum impact wherever we plant our flag.
Piper Electric’s active stewardship

Our company in Colorado focuses on walking the walk. This takes the form of:

  • Installation of 250 solar panels on roof of building for a total energy grid contribution of 108,000 watts
  • Recycling all used oil from our fleet and machinery, all excess paper and cardboard from office and job sites, all excess copper and aluminum wire, as well as steel conduit.
  • Offices remodeled to include new LED lighting with occupancy sensors and 0-10V dimming, and low flow toilets/urinals in offices and warehouses.
  • Rain sensors on all exterior sprinklers.
General & Mechanical Services’ commitment to mental health

What began as an HVAC service provider relationship has evolved into so much more. GMS is now an ardent supporter of Arundel Lodge’s mission to impact the lives of individuals facing mental disabilities, mental illness, and addiction.

  • Arundel Lodge’s is a vital support system for vulnerable individuals in the community, addressing pressing concerns that impact us all
  • GMS’ decision to provide both outstanding HVAC services and financial contributions stems from a dedication to positive community impact, aiming to contribute to a brighter future for those facing challenges and fostering a more compassionate and inclusive society alongside Arundel Lodge.

Environments that matter

If you want to work with an organization that prioritizes the physical and mental health of your community, look no further. See how Crete United can make your enterprise more productive, efficient and holistically sustainable.