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At Crete, we’re United for Impact — with our partners, customers and communities—to bring sustainable solutions to people and the planet through the built environment.

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Three commitments, rooted in our values, guide our approach to sustainability. By committing to Improving Lives, Growing Responsibly and Creating Collaboratively, we’re embedding sustainability into buildings and facilities as well as our operations.

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Improving Lives

It is always our goal to make the lives of those we touch better, including our team members, partners, customers and communities we serve. We have an unwavering commitment to safety, protecting people first and foremost in every action we take. We provide a robust talent development program that encourages employee professional development; we ensure we’re always contributing positively to our communities through our giving programs and volunteer efforts; we provide guidance and support to our partners balanced with independence in how they operate their business; and our customers always receive exceptional service alongside expertly implemented solutions. 
Together, we make a positive difference for our teams, customers, partners, communities, and stakeholders. 

Growing Responsibly

As we grow our business to offer great service and products to our customers, we are strategic and selective about who we bring on board, both as suppliers and  partners. Our Sustainability Taskforce is dedicated to driving us towards  responsible growth; we are always evolving our policies to ensure we are working with the right people and businesses to continue operating responsibly. Sustainability metrics are embedded in our acquisition and supplier policies, so we never sacrifice our values. And we’re pursuing growth with additional partners that can help us meet global decarbonization needs through electrification services.
United with suppliers and partners, we’re empowering responsible, ethical brands to succeed.
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Creating Collaboratively

It’s important that we create sustainable solutions within our business. So, we’re tackling the hard stuff — like greenhouse gas emissions, resource use, sourcing responsibly and reducing waste. But we know that we can’t do it alone. To make a real impact, we have to unite.  With our network of industry-leading partners, collaboration on projects brings the best in energy and resource efficiency to our customers. We’ve joined notable organizations and memberships to increase our impact and together, with all our sustainability-minded stakeholders, we hope to become an example of sustainability in action.
With ambition, optimism, and collaboration, we’re united for impact.

Sustainability & Our Services

HVAC & Mechanical Efficiency

Experienced in complex HVAC services for industrial and commercial facilities, we provide designs, installations, repair, replacements, and predictive maintenance models. With refurbishment, aging units can be restored to peak performance. New installations provide state-of-the-art efficiency performance, and customized systems can integrate systems and offer sustainable, resource-efficient solutions.

  • Retrofits reduce landfill waste and costs by restoring efficiency to older units
  • Replacement projects utilize top-performing energy efficient equipment
  • Predictive maintenance extends the lifetime of your HVAC systems, postponing the need for new equipment

Water Conservation and Management

The health of your plumbing system is important to the integrity of your entire facility. Regular maintenance, diagnostic testing, repairs and replacement services can prevent damaging failures that could potentially disrupt your facility’s operations, ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible.

  • Restoration to existing water systems can reduce waste to landfill
  • Customized, integrated systems can improve efficiency and reduce costs and resource use
  • Water meters monitor, track and control usage to detect line breakage, leaks and prevent water loss and resulting damage

Electrical Services

From blueprints and installations to repair and maintenance, our experienced professionals will ensure the safest, most efficient electrical system for your project, with high performance for lower energy costs.

  • Sophisticated testing equipment thoroughly inspects your electrical system to ensure the safety of your facility
  • Quality power monitoring can help prevent interruptions, save money and equipment and ensure operational efficiency
  • Energy efficient upgrades can reduce your carbon footprint and cost to power your facilities

Automated Smart Buildings

Building automation services provide flexibility, customization and automation of building systems. Smart Building Technology measures and tracks data for building optimization and allows smart system regulation to reduce costs, waste and inefficiencies.

  • 24-hour monitoring provides full insight into building usage
  • Controls and automation let you customize and optimize your building’s systems
  • Data analytics provides current operational insights to adjust and improve system efficiencies


As the world recognizes and acts on the need to decarbonize, electrification of building systems will be a powerful tool. Modifying systems with electric equipment and moving towards renewable energy solutions to replace fossil fuels are strategies that can reduce our overall carbon emissions. We’re working with partners that can meet the growing need for electrification, like geothermal and solar energy and electric vehicle charging stations. 

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