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United to transform your built environment.

We are an innovative Energy Efficiency company that uses our in-house mechanical, electrical, & plumbing expertise to improve the built environment.

Our mission is simple. At Crete United, we are committed to making the communities where we live, work, and play, healthier. We are united for impact.

Powerfully connected

We’re in sync to elevate energy efficiency. See how we work — and why we’re driven to power a more sustainable future.

An integrated approach to driving efficiency

Energy & Sustainability Advisory Services
  • Facility assessments
  • ROI and cash flow analysis
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Rebate recommendations and facilitation (IRA, IIJA, CHIPS)
  • Energy efficiency consulting
  • Utility bill pay
  • Measurement & verification
  • Energy procurement
  • IoT Automation
Design-Build & Installation
  • Mechanical HVAC engineering
  • High performance energy retrofits
  • Energy supply connections
  • VRF systems
  • Electrical systems
  • On-site renewable energy (solar + EV)
  • Commissioning
Maintenance & Service
  • Facilities system management
  • Controls review & exception reporting
  • Sensor deployment & IoT monitoring
  • Reporting & optimization
  • Retrofits & upgrades
  • Predictive analytics
  • Plumbing & water management
Renewables & Decarbonization Support
  • Electric domestic water heating
  • Heat pump, geothermal, and VRF systems
  • Distributed energy and solar photovoltaic
  • EV charging stations
  • Microgrid & resiliency
  • LED lighting
  • Solar
Funding Advisory Services
  • Inflation Reduction Act Funding
    • 179D Tax Deductions
    • Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Utility and EnergyStar Rebate Programs
  • Energy & Operational Savings Models
HVAC/MEP Services
  • HVAC & Mechanical
  • Electrical & Power Generation
  • Water Management
  • Smart Buildings

United to drive energy efficient solutions across:

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Commercial refrigeration relies on powerful electrical and drainage systems to maintain necessary cold. Our installation and maintenance teams take the utmost care to ensure the utmost temperature control.


From economical standard equipment to custom production projects and onsite construction and repair, our fabrication professionals are here to ensure your manufacturing and production processes run smoothly.

HVAC & Mechanical

Industrial and commercial institutions require HVAC systems of greater scope and a high degree of complexity. We have the knowledge not only to address these needs, but to do so sustainably and cost effectively.

Building Automation Systems

Optimization starts with automation. Through a single platform control, you can automate the operation of your HVAC, lighting, security, and other systems efficiently and economically.


Reduce energy consumption and electric costs with a smart system. Our local companies have successfully completed many of the most complex, multi-faceted electrical and lighting projects in the nation and are experts in the world of LED.

Network Cabling

Today's online, ultra-connected world demands thoughtfully designed cabling infrastructure. We create the plan, install the network, and then provide reliable ongoing maintenance.


Instrumentation design. Instrument configuration and calibration. Instrument installation and maintenance. We're here for it all.

Video & Access Control

Security is a key piece of your overall building design and operation. Keep your people, inventory and facilities safe with video surveillance and access supports that go the extra mile.


When you embrace electrification, you can lower your operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint and proactively address regulations. From EV charging stations to solar panel installs, we can help you migrate to a more electric, less non-renewable resource dependent future.

Water Management

Work with professionals who have seen it all and can design your next commercial plumbing project to do it all. Our customized plumbing solutions can work with existing constraints while offering the potential to integrate with other systems, reducing heating and cooling costs and energy use.

Fire & Safety

Be prepared for every scenario. Our certified fire and safety professionals will create proactive solutions that center on saving lives and preserving property.

Building Maintenance & Service

Maintaining your equipment and facility systems is key to a sound, sustainable operation. Our local companies offer a customizable suite of comprehensive service and maintenance agreements so you can choose what’s right for you.

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A national network backed by local leadership

We are greater than the sum of our parts. Together, we unlock the full benefits of collaboration, share best practices and create a seamless client experience from start to finish. Join our team to become a power player with a winning legacy on your side.

Highly adaptable, highly individual

We work across industries to implement energy efficiencies that help our customers save money and modernize their approach to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and building automation.
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Whether you’re interested in becoming a part of the Crete United team, joining our national network of companies, or want to discuss our business model in further detail, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Crete United Partners with Prostar Energy Solutions to Elevate Energy Efficiency as a Core Offering

Crete United, a leading provider of energy efficiency and HVAC, electrical, and other mechanical (“MEP”) services, today announced its partnership with ProStar Energy Solutions (“ProStar”). The partnership creates a powerful and effective new connected delivery model integrating Crete United’s core HVAC, electrical and other mechanical services with ProStar’s data-backed energy management-as-a-service for the built environment.